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NSRG Workshop II: Beginners Python for Geologists

In March 2021 Post Doc Euan Soutter from the University of Manchester held a beginners level workshop covering the application of Python programming for geologists.

The course follows a simple outline outline covering, 1) Python basics, 2) Python libraries and 3) a field data example.

The whole workshop is now available online as well as the Jupyter Notebook material, please follow this link:

You can also open the Notebook by clicking the ‘launch binder’ here:

You don’t need to download anything. Just open the link when the workshop starts. The link is open now and will be open permanently after the workshop, so you’ll be able to practice whenever you want.

The NSRG would like to thank Euanfor his time and effort in helping us arrange this workshop and we look forward to arranging more in the future!

Other Useful links:

The NSRG committee would also like to acknowledge and thank all of our sponsors who made this workshop possible and freely available for the attendees!


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